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 All You Need Is A Dream  By John Ullens
All You Need Is A Dream

Memoirs of a Rehabilitated Adventurer

Between 1-2 in 100 people in the U.K. suffer from Bipolar Disorders. With a population of 62 million, a staggering 1.24 million are sufferers. With the stress of modern life constantly increasing this figure will increase. This book could help millions.

Psychiatric disorders are new to modern medicine; our understanding of them is still in its infancy. However, John Ullens is an advocate of seemingly simple, yet very successful aids in coping with, and overcoming such disabilities.

His touching and humorous memoir, in itself, prescribes some fundamental coping mechanisms: The 'talking cure'- his literary voice acts as a vocal piece for other sufferers, relating to his strife as if they themselves have unloaded their grief, but also finding that they are not as alone as they thought.

At 20 John suffered from brain damage in a traffic accident. The head-injury he sustained resulted in a bi-polar disorder. Nonetheless, John is a thriving photographer, journalist, and writer. This memoir will capture not only the hearts of sufferers, but also their friends and families. They will widely benefit from the advice, enabling them to understand and help their loved ones. Likewise, many of John's coping mechanisms are fundamental to informing a healthy stable life for anyone living in the modern stressful 21st Century.

This easy yet touching read draws fundamental advice from a life of great experience. Providing its readers with such essential and life changing advice as:

'Surround yourself with positive people and believe in yourself.'

'Unearth your past, understand it, and overcome it.'

All You Need Is A Dream by John Ullens
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