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By Jane Huxley

'A novel of remarkable panache. Huxley's skilful handling of the narrative turns this story of obsession and betrayal into something infinitely more complex and threatening'
                                       Dame Beryl Bainbridge

Sara Morgan is coming to terms with her life following the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Jack. Bringing up her young son, she begins to fall for her solidly sensible next-door neighbour, George West. Lonely and disconsolate, Sara is on the verge of giving in to George's affection when a letter arrives from Jack in the South of France. Its tone, terse and urgent, intrigues her and Sara decides that she must give the man she has alway loved one last chance to save their marriage and solve the mystery behind his sudden disappearance.

This steamy first novel by Jane Huxley adds a modern chapter to the age-old drama of betrayal, jealousy, and unstable triangles. One of the best dramatic twists in romantic fiction: combines the thrill of the detective story with a sensual and evocative love story. A must-buy!


ISBN 0 9539119 0 X

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