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 Older? Yes. Old? Never!   By Peter Carvell
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Over 45? Make the years ahead the best years of your life. Plan your future, stay young and have fun.

25 million people are over 45, and a quarter of a million more join every year. They should all have this book.

2011 sees enormous media interest in the end of the fixed retirement age. This social revolution means that millions will have to change their attitudes about working and retiring later.

In this illuminating publication, Peter Carvell sheds light on exactly why ”How much you enjoy your last decades is a matter of attitude. Get it right and your best years are ahead.“

He is is a successful writer, journalist, marketing consultant to the Crown Agents and the UN, property developer, painter and Life Coach. He has just got his bus pass and knows the world he writes about! His best seller Silver Wolf, is the book that changed the landscape for the 45Plus generation and became the first book to forecast this social revolution.

This user-friendly practical guide to enjoying those years shows how a change of attitude could change the reader's life – for the better. Chapters include:
  • The 10 Great Myths about Getting Older
  • The 10 things you must do in your fifties
  • Map out your Grand Plan
  • How to take control of your money (no one else will)
  • Keep looking young – and lie about your age
  • You need more sex, but who with?
  • Enjoy your money; you earned it
  • The great No-Retirement Quiz

  • Older? Yes. Old? Never! By Peter Carvell
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