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 Sensual Pleasures: And The Art of Morphing into a Health  Goddess

   By Sally Farmiloe-Neville
A professional's guide to maintaining your health and beauty. Whoever said "if I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself" made a compelling point. "In Sensual Pleasures And The Art of Morphing Into A Health Goddess", Sally Farmiloe-Neville offers unique and timely advice on how to preserve and maintain your health and beauty. By revealing all of her personal beauty secrets from her years in front of the camera and as Beauty Editor of Hot Gossip UK, Sally reminds us that the secret of life is good health, which in turn brings beauty, happiness, well-being and love. From food to face-lifts and beauty treatments to botox, Sally has something to teach us all about how to improve the way we feel about ourselves.

"Sensual Pleasures And The Art of Morphing Into A Health Goddess" is enhanced by numerous contributions from renowned medical practitioners, fitness gurus, health and beauty experts, cosmetic surgeons and celebrity chefs all offering their professional advice. This makes "Sensual Pleasures And The Art of Morphing Into A Health Goddess" the perfect health directory for all ages. Powerful, engrossing and fun to read.


ISBN: Delancey Press: 978 0 9539119 9 8

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" I hope Sensual Pleasures and the Art of Morphing into a Health Goddess enjoys the success it so richly deserves."
Max Clifford

"The ultimate health and beauty directory"
Nicky Clarke
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