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By Peter Carvell
'…How to add 20 years to your life and make them the best .'
                                       Derek Maynard International PR Consultant

"You’re only in your fifties. Don’t ever think of retiring. Dust down your dreams, bring out those ambitions lost in your years of hard work, and plan how to achieve them in the next decade. Take control of your life to create a new balance of working, learning and playing. You’re the first generation in the history of the world to have the chance of a long and healthy Third Act. Enjoy it!"

‘What's it all about?' Welcome to the world of Silver Wolf. In this revolutionary book, Peter Carvell outlines the reality not the myths of getting older. Sharing his theory, Carvell guides you to look forward to your future with confidence and the knowledge that the best years are to come.


ISBN 0-9539119-4-2 
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